Get the best possible outcome with Melatonin


So, you want to look good every time, right? What if you have a different look altogether? With melatonin, you can now have a beautiful tanned complexion not only during summer but throughout the entire year.

Tanning has always been a fashionable trend in the western part of the globe. People often tend to sport a tanned body before a holiday trip, a wedding or for some special photo shoot. It is known that the ideal way to get tanned is through sunbathing. But tanning processes like these or tanning beds are things of past now. It is due to the effects like burns, irritations, early aging and cancer that people are now looking for other safer methods.

The basic concept of Melatonin

Melatonin is considered to be the best natural tanning treatments today. These injections consist of a peptide which stimulates the tanning process of a body with minimum exposure to sunlight. Melatonin is the peptide that boosts pigmentation level of your body causing it to have a darker skin tone.

How does a melanotan injection work?

Melatonin comes in the form of dried powder which needs to be restructured with sterile water. Once injected, it spreads through the entire body so that it is evenly tanned. At initial stage, dosage quantity should be of 0.5 mg to 2 mg. Once the level of desired darker tone is achieved, you can switch to a maintenance dosage of once in 7 days.

The peptide absorbs ultraviolet radiation and reduces the damages caused by it. Thus, the injection that you are availing prevents you from diseases caused by melanoma, the deadliest form of skin.

The effect of ultraviolet radiation on your body depends on how melanosomes are distributed. This distribution of melanosome varies from body to body depending on your skin type. People with fairer skin tend to see tanning results quickly as compared to darker skin toned people.

Benefits expected from melatonin

  • Minimal Exposure

The peptide requires minimum exposure to UV rays. Thus, you can be safe and free from waiting for endless hours under the sun for that perfect tan!

  • Quick tanning process

Unlike the other tanning practices, these injections assure you of a fast tanning process. Within few weeks of initial dosage, you can notice visible results.

  • Safety

The best part of this process is that it causes no adverse effects to your health. Thus, you need not be worried about getting your skin damaged.

  • Long lasting effect

In spite of having less exposure to sun rays, these injections have long tanning effect which lasts for several months to one year. Even people, who have stopped taking dosages, can enjoy till several months.

Myths Busted

These injections debunk all those prevalent myths that tanning products cause obesity problems. In fact, this peptide works as a weight loss remedy. People having excess fats start getting into shape with this dosage. The peptide tricks the brain in a way that it thinks of the appetite being full always.

Getting Melatonin

Online retailers ensure that melatonin is shipped to most parts of the world. These products are delivered to individuals, pharmacies, doctors, etc. The melatonin is checked by professionals so that it remains in good condition during shipment. Once the product gets delivered, you need to store it in refrigerator to protect it from degradation.

So, if you are looking for safe tanning treatments, use safe melatonin and be a tanned star among your acquaintances. Quickly visit an online retailer and book an injection as per your need. Time to get a glowing bronze skin, readers!

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