Different Kinds of Sleep Problems You May Suffer From

That peaceful 8 hour is a blessing most people today are deprived of, reason being their hectic schedule and stressful life. Having a sound sleep is very important for maintaining good health. But fact is people are suffering from sleep disorders nowadays – some may find it difficult to sleep at night while others experience a disturbed sleep, waking up frequently in the middle of night. And we end up with solutions like melatonin.

As long as you suffer sleep problems occasionally, that is not harmful. But if this situation continues for weeks, it is certainly not to be ignored. This will affect your health both physically as well as mentally.

Now, these sleeping disorders can be of various types. Check out what your problem falls into.

Different Kinds of Sleep Problems

Different Kinds of Sleep Problems

Various types of sleep issues

  • Nightmares:

We often use this term to explain night terrors. Some people have nightmares when they suddenly wake up in the middle of their sleep, all frightened. It becomes tough for them to shut their eyes again and sleep again. Once or twice is fine, but if this goes on frequently, you probably need to see a doctor and tell him that you need to buy melatonin from your local drugstore.

Nightmares are harmful because these deep and sudden senses of fear escalate your heart rate making you sweat. Repetition of such episodes can deteriorate your health condition.

  • Insomnia:

Insomnia typically means difficulty in falling asleep or even staying asleep. But it also means having a problem in waking up the next morning, tossing-turning causing sleep disruptions, etc. And accept it; this is the worst type of sleeping problem. For its severity, you might end up having melatonin, recommended by your doctor.

Drugs like melatonin supplements are highly effective in this case.

Besides these two common problems, people also do experience issues like sleep walking, sleep talking and sleep paralysis.

What is sleep walking?

Sleep walking is walking while sleeping. In this problem, the person wakes up in the middle of the night while in sleep and walks around. This problem is quite serious as one might harm oneself, leading to major injury. There will be an after-effect of lethargy as well.

What is sleep talking?

Yes! This is something abnormal that happens during sleep; you sit on your bed and start talking. There are people who repeat this for quite a few minutes. The reason for this might be some medication, fever, mental disorder or stress.

What is sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is quite a scary condition when you lose your capability of moving or even speaking. Although this happens for a few seconds and is not a major issue, but sleep paralysis can cause anxiety and fear.

Reason for this issue might be some fearful experiences or nightmares.

However, whatever you are suffering from, make sure you don’t consume melatonin without a recommendation from your doctor. It is important to take the appropriate version and dose for the best effectiveness.

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