Can Melatonin Be Used to Treat Sleep Disorder in Children?

melatonin and children

Yes! Along with adults, insomnia is pertinent among children too. Many parents have informed that their children stay awake for late at night or even wake up too early in the morning. Continuous sleep deprivation is affecting their daily activities as they are getting exhausted easily.

There are numbers of factors that can trigger sleep problems for children including –

  • Stress
  • Excessive intake of caffeine products
  • Side effects of other medications
  • External factors like heat, cold, noise, etc.

Is your kid struggling to fall asleep?

Sleep problems can be severe for those who are already down with sicknesses such as autism, difficulty in learning, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, etc.

These issues are most likely connected to the abnormality of their internal body cycle. Various researches suggest that when you buy melatonin uk this remedy is quite beneficial for kids who are anxious due to insomnia. The supplement of melatonin in little portions can work positively for a short period of time. The outcome has been exceedingly powerful and viable with no reactions so far. However, no survey has shown long-term usage of medication for kids.

Although many studies have proposed melatonin to be safe, it has the potential to instigate depression and postpone puberty.

For your information, a brief about melatonin here…

Melatonin hormone is discharged from the pineal gland, which is known for controlling the sleep-wake cycles of the body. The levels of melatonin are indirectly proportional to light. That is, in light, melatonin creation gets reduced while it increases at night.

By this activity, melatonin sends signals to the brain regarding the need to rest during night. The acquaintance of melatonin supplements assists in recovering the hormone deficiency that causes sleeping issues.

Some more about melatonin and its functions

As the sun comes down, the brain notifies the endocrine gland to deliver more melatonin advancing rest and managing the body’s internal clock cycle. Fact is, experts are yet to find how melatonin exactly induces sleep, but it’s proven that the hormone is the prime chemical substance which causes slumber.

Now, certain activities can restrict the production of melatonin naturally. Youngsters are mostly exposed to lights and noisy commotion before going to bed. Avoiding these habits can help in more melatonin secretion and a decent sleep.

Use of melatonin for children

Kids, who regularly suffer from insomnia, when coupled with other different conditions, can end up with more severe health effects. Melatonin is often recommended by doctors for kids with similar issues.

This route of quick solution is often taken as without it; kids can face the following problems –

  • Being sleepy throughout the day.
  • Disciplinary problems at school.
  • Decrease in attention span.
  • Hyperactivity and aggression.
  • Making silly mistakes and prone to accidents.
  • Mood swings.

Children can have melatonin sleep supplements between the range of 0.3 mg and 3mg each day. Though current surveys propose that even up to 10 mg can be safely consumed by the children. For grown-ups, 10 mg is noted as a successful measurement of sovepiller uden recept dosage for sleeping problems. However, as a parent, you must be sure that the dosage is safe for your child.

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