A Pashmina will Change Your Idea about Fashion

Unless and until you are a fashion pro, you always ask yourself what to wear whenever you’re about to get dressed for a night out or a party. Trust me, this problem is not only yours, but many go through it at least several times. Many even spend hours after hours in front of the mirror, trying different styles and looks.

Worry not because this article will open a new way for you!

Let’s first see what we are going to wear.

Spoiler Alert! It is Pashmina

Pashminas and royalty have gone hand in hand since ages.

Pashmina does not only make you feel special, but they are also very much light-weight and easy to handle. These pashminas are made in various parts of the world. They were introduced by the Afghans. They come in different materials, that is, finest wools, viscose and polyester. Their colours and designs are infinite.

The white pashmina is even more delightful to wear as it matches with any colour dress.

What colour and type of dresses you will wear with a pashmina?

pashminaThe white shawl can go with Zenergy Utility Detail Dress or In Full Swing Dress. It looks splendid on any skin complexion. Buying those dresses in nude colour intensifies your get-up. It is advisable to wear when you’re going to the office or any formal occasion.

The ivory white pashmina goes smoothly with a red Travelers Classic Reversible Tank dress. Moreover, you can match it with a Curved 360 by NYDJ Jeans.

Set the pashminas with a Solid Shoulder Dress and look endearing.

You can purchase these dresses in red colour, maroon colour or cherry red colour.

Dark colours always compliment ivory pashmina shawl. Those dark colours can be navy blue, royal blue, bottle green or any other dark colour. A Cut-Out Black Utility Dress or a Sleeveless Fringe Shirt concocts mesmerizingly with a pashmina.

What accessories will go with these dresses?

Although a pashmina is enough to accolade with any dress, however accessories are always great to raise the bar. Remember this, choose your accessories wisely because pashmina are weather-friendly but some accessories can prove to be itchy.


  • You can wear shoes like hunter shoes, ankle length shoes with these dresses.
  • A simple slipper or a pump shoe will also do fine.
  • If you’re going to a night club, then stilettos are your best option

Bracelets and bangles

  • Boho designed bangles or even shiny bracelets bring the extra charm to your outfit.
  • Designed wrist watches are fantastic if you are not into bangles and bracelets.


  • Boho necklaces and embroidered pashmina scarves match like heaven.
  • Pendant necklaces are simple and give you a pretty look.


  • Danglers are a must if you want the touch of perfection to your style.
  • Large earrings also pair well with pashmina.

A message to all the Fashionistas…

Don’t forget to style your white wrap according to your looks. That is, when you wear it for a formal occasion, you can wear it in bow tie style or double loop. When outing for an informal occasion you can wear it in a kimono fashion. Bikini wraps are now in for summers.