February 2013

Perils of Using Melatonin for a Long Time

Check Out the Perils of Using Melatonin for a Long Time!

Everything has its pros and cons. This rule also stands true for the important hormone melatonin, responsible for regulating sleep cycle.

Why use Melatonin in the first place?

The melatonin hormone triggers sleepiness in an individual and lack of it causes insomnia. This is a common problem for the elderly people. To recover from this, melatonin supplements are given to those who are suffering from the same.

These hormones work well to give a quick recovery for sleep disorders; however, there are some potential side effects too if melatonin is subjected to long-term use. Therefore, users should keep an eye if they are encountering a few changes because of melatonin treatments or not.

Melatonin is, indeed, the most preferred sleep aid and a standout amongst the most prevalent OTC tranquilizers as using it is not addictive at all. However, the FDA does not stringently regulate these kinds of supplements.

Based on the user experiences, melatonin side effects include quick exhaustion, tipsiness, migraine, irritability, and sleepiness. Also, these can be caused by factors like jet lag and not necessarily melatonin. So before you decide to jump on the Melatonin bandwagon and buy melatonin read our research below:

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